Trill – CBD Hemp Oil Tincture


Trill CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures are a perfect balance of whole plant hemp blended with organic coconut MCT oil. They are made using a patented lipid-based extraction process using no solvents. Trill tinctures contain no fillers or synthetic ingredients.


Product Description

Ingredients: Whole plant hemp extract, coconut MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil, filtered water.

Serving Size

1500 mg/1oz(30 ml) bottle:
1/4 dropperful (.25 ml)…….13 mg CBD
1/2 dropperful (.5 ml)………25 mg CBD
1 dropperful (1 ml)…………..50 mg CBD

Suggested Use

Start with a small amount (5-15 mg) once a day and slowly titrate (ramp) up every 3-5 days.  First start by adding an additional usage in divided doses up to 3 times per day.  Continue to increase the amount of each usage till you get the desired healing opportunities.

People usually find a usage per day that alleviates their symptoms (25-50 mg mild, 50-100 mg moderate, 100-150 mg severe) or provides a healing opportunity to encourage other diet and lifestyle changes that promote a healthy lifestyle.