Stratos – Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Tablets


Stratos is proud to offer a holistic wellness option for consumers seeking the highest quality CBD products. Stratos tablets are designed to maximize the absorption of cannabinoids into the body quickly and effectively. Stratos tablets begin to dissolve immediately upon swallowing. This disperses the CBD oil into small particles, which are easy for the human body to absorb. For this reason, most people start to feel Stratos CBD more quickly than through alternative delivery mechanisms.

Choose from 2 convenient strengths (30 tablets per bottle):

  • 10 mg tablets (300 mg/bottle)
  • 25 mg tablets (750 mg/bottle)


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With extensive experience in pharmaceutical industry, Stratos is able to design delivery mechanisms that allow for a fast, efficient way for CBD to enter your bloodstream and get to work. The tablets utilize pharmaceutical excipients to help facilitate physiological absorption of the CBD hemp oil. This design allows them to be faster acting than many swallowable CBD hemp oil products currently on the market.

While CBD effects can vary due to each person’s individual composition, the effects of CBD oil can last from 3-6 hours. To ensure best results, we strongly encourage you to consume any CBD product with food. Cannabinoids, like CBD, are fat-soluble, so they need to bind to a lipid to be absorbed into your cells. Taking CBD with a meal will help amplify the effects of the product.

Stratos tablets are sugar-free, gluten friendly, vegan friendly, and fat-free. The product is also free of wheat, soy, nuts, eggs and dairy. The sugar free component is especially important as it helps to maintain the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD oil. Stratos tablets also provide a very convenient way to dose your CBD oil. Unlike capsules, Stratos tablets won’t melt or leak.

Only plants that are grown with best in class agricultural practices make the cut for Stratos products. Our excipients come from pharmaceutical suppliers to ensure an end product that is clean, accurate, and consistent. The Stratos production team utilizes both internal and external testing resources to confirm the products contain the amount of CBD oil we promise and ensure they’re free of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial growth.

Ingredients: Full spectrum CBD hemp oil, cellulose, starch, hydroxypropyl cellulose, sodium starch glycolate, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

This product contains less than 0.3% THC.

Serving Size

300 mg/bottle
1 tablet contains 10 mg CBD

750 mg/bottle
1 tablet contains 25 mg CBD

Suggested Use

Take 1-3 tablets per day.

Start with a small amount (i.e., 10 mg) once a day and slowly titrate (ramp) up every 3-5 days.  First start by adding an additional usage in divided doses up to 3 times per day.  Continue to increase the amount of each usage till you get the desired healing opportunities.

People usually find a usage perday that alleviates their symptoms (25-50 mg mild, 50-100 mg moderate, 100-150 mg severe) or provides a healing opportunity to encourage other diet and lifestyle changes that promote a healthy lifestyle.