Slumber – CBN Sleep Capsules

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Slumber Sleep Aide CBN softgels are designed to promote deep and restful sleep. Their hemp-derived CBN is powered by nature to help you maximize relaxation and tranquility at night, for a better day tomorrow.

Use alone, top off your favorite CBD product or with a complementary sleep aid as such as Quicksilver Scientific Lipocalm or Melatonin or Designs for Health Insomnitol.

  • 5mg CBN per softgel
  • 60 softgels per bottle
  • Organic, Vegan and GMO-free
  • THC and Melatonin free


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CBN Sleep Capsules: The Ultimate Remedy for a Restful Sleep

Sleep is important, but many of us just aren’t getting enough of it. Thanks to our increasingly busy lifestyles, changing shift patterns and medical disorders, the American population aren’t enjoying sleep as much as they could be. 37% of 20-39 year olds report short sleep duration, compared to an even larger 40% of 40-59-year-olds. Since the recommended amount of rest is 7-9 hours, there must be a reason why so many of us are struggling to complete a full night’s sleep. That’s why Slumber created their CBN Sleep Capsules. Keep reading to find out more about CBN, what their capsules are all about and how they can help you to get more restful sleep.

Everything You Need to Know About CBN Sleep Capsules

Slumber CBN Sleep Capsules are pre-measured, easy to swallow, and contain less oil than the average oil tincture. Available in a convenient dose to suit every need, their capsules are created using an innovative blend of CBN. They’re a perfect option for people looking to enhance their nighttime routine and encourage sleep, all without the added high of THC or uninvited flavoring. Since they’re the experts in creating a whole variety of CBN products, they understand that not everyone wants to take large amounts of MCT oil or consume unnecessary sugars. Their CBN capsules are the simple alternative – all of the benefits of our specialist CBN without the added extras.

When Should I Take My CBN Sleep Capsules?

CBN capsules can help to induce a sleepy state, so knowing when to take them is important. You can build up a consistent bedtime routine by taking your capsule 30 minutes before you plan to sleep, as well as incorporating any other factors that might encourage effective rest. Simply take 1 to 2 Slumber CBN Sleep Capsules and swallow with water. That’s how easy we’ve made it to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBN for people who prefer supplements without oils and flavorings! While we’re on the subject of rest, why not consider incorporating some of these factors into your lifestyle to make great sleep your top priority?

Some of the best ways to get a good night’s rest include:

  • Keep any evening exercise light, such as yoga or stretching
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks later in the day – try herbal tea instead!
  • Cover your eyes with a high-quality sleep mask before bed
  • Try meditation or deep breathing exercises before you sleep

Ingredients: CBN (Cannabinol), Proprietary blend of MCT oil, Linaloon (Lavender) and Beta Caryophyllene.

This product contains less than 0.3% THC.

Serving Size

300 mg/bottle
1 capsule contains 5 mg CBN

Suggested Use

Take a desired amount depending on your sleep needs. We recommend take 1 serving (2 softgels) orally 1 hour before bed each night. Simply take with water and swallow.

Use alone, top off your favorite CBD product or with a complementary sleep aid as such as Quicksilver Scientific Lipocalm or Melatonin or Emerald Health Endo Sleep.