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The Life Patent Black Label formula contains indica dominant strains of industrial hemp. Indica strains are known for their calming and sedating effects. It is a preferred choice when you want to relax or have a better nights sleep. Indica dominant strains are known to induce drowsiness. As a result, it is best to reserve the Black Label formula for nighttime use.


Product Description

Life Patent

Life Patent is an especially skilled company that brings together hemp and bioscience experts. Our in-house staff includes researchers with medical and pharmacological backgrounds who are dedicated to the science behind growing, extracting, and using CBD hemp oil. Life Patent has complete control over their product from the seed to the extracted oil. Their ingredients are simple, natural and pure; hemp flower extracts mixed with coconut MCT oil and natural lemon flavoring. You can rest assured that every Life Patent product is the real deal, tested, certified and genuine.

It Starts with Great Hemp

Life Patent uses only the finest hemp plant cultivars sourced from the most skilled hemp farmers and highest quality hemp genetics available. Every tincture begins its life as two proprietary types of organically grown hemp carefully planted in Colorado. By sourcing the hemp seed themselves, they can ensure their product is consistently produced from batch to batch.

Premium Hemp Extract

Life Patent uses multiple extraction methods to provide outstanding yields of not only CBD, but a vast array of other useful phytocannabinoids and terpenes present in the hemp plant. They utilize a Good Manufacturing Practices compliant facility to create great tasting and effective tinctures. Their extraction process provides consistently high yields of plant compounds.

Purity, Quality and Consistency

The Life Patent team practices full traceability, following their products at every stage. Since the CBD hemp oil industry is largely unregulated, Life Patent created their own proprietary cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards to make sure their products are consistently produced and controlled to pharmaceutical-quality standards. By using a highly reputable third-party company to perform their chemical analyses, you can be confident in their product purity and consistency.

Ingredients: Coconut (MCT) oil, organically grown certified industrial hemp oil extract, natural flavoring.

This product contains less than 0.3% THC.

Serving Size

400 mg/1oz (30 ml) bottle:
1/4 dropperful (.25 ml)…….3 mg CBD
1/2 dropperful (.5 ml)………6 mg CBD
1 dropperful (1 ml)…………..13 mg CBD

800 mg/1oz(30 ml) bottle:
1/4 dropperful (.25 ml)…….6 mg CBD
1/2 dropperful (.5 ml)………13 mg CBD
1 dropperful (1 ml)…………..26 mg CBD

Suggested Use

Start with a small amount (3-6 mg) before bed and slowly titrate (ramp) up every 3-5 days. Find an amount that provides the healing opportunity desired. Average use is between 13 mg and 26 mg. Additional use can be used if waking during the night.

Although CBD hemp is not psycho-intoxicating, it can induce vivid dreams.  If this occurs take earlier in the evening or discontinue use.    


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  1. Bonny Thomason

    This product is AMAZING!!! LifePatent Black label HEMP OIL 800 mg WORKS LIKE MAGIC!!!! I sleep through the night for more hours than I’ve been able to get for decades! THANK YOU!

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