Quicksilver Scientific – CBD Synergies Break the Cycle Bundle


Quicksilver Scientific’s new CBD Synergies line is available in three unique formulations that combine the power of CBD hemp oil with targeted nutraceuticals and botanicals to break the cycle of discomfort, tension and sleeplessness.

The bundle include:

  • CBD Synergies-PN (Full Spectrum Relief Formula)
  • CBD Synergies-AX (Broad Spectrum Calming Formula)
  • CBD Synergies-SP (Full Spectrum Sleep Formula).

Each formula is designed to provide rapid and effective whole body support.


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Quicksilver Scientific – CBD Synergies-PN Relief Formula

Quicksilver Scientifics’ CBD Synergies-PN Relief Formula is a revolutionary new product, using their softgel delivery system to quickly deliver a blend of soothing nutraceuticals and botanicals to your bloodstream to support whole-body wellbeing.

Full-spectrum hemp extract regulates signaling pathways throughout the body, easing discomfort from head to toe. Its soothing effects are bolstered by β-caryophyllene, a unique hemp-based terpene.

Their proprietary curcumin complex and Boswellia extract alleviate gut and joint irritations. Piperine, an extract of black pepper, boosts the bioavailability of each element of our formula.

Quicksilver Scientific – CBD Synergies-AX Calming Formula

CBD Synergies–AX Calming formula is a premium, calming blend of botanicals and nutraceuticals that rapidly shifts your body from health-depleting “fight or flight” mode into restorative “rest and repair” mode.

The centerpiece of the formula is a CBD-rich, THC-free broad spectrum hemp extract, renowned for its calming, balancing effects on the mind and body. Beta-caryophyllene, a unique hemp-based terpene, boosts the soothing effects of CBD, supporting whole-body wellbeing.

Quicksilver Scientific – CBD Synergies-SP Sleep Formula

CBD Synergies-SP is a soothing blend of nutraceuticals and botanicals offering rapid support for deep, restorative sleep. PharmaGABA® and Melatonin, the stars of our formula, soothe the mind and align your body with its natural biological rhythms, supporting a healthy sleep cycle.

Full spectrum hemp extract helps activate sleep-promoting brain pathways, while 5-HTP supports feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. Skullcap and passion flower fine-tune the soothing properties of our formula, gently easing your body into a restful slumber.